15 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites In The 2021

15 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites In The 2021

In this Article you will read about Cryptocurrency News Websites. Blockchain and crypto are the 2 hot topics in the world that are gaining constant traction. Either for investment or fun, it’s a fact that more and more people are taking an interest in cryptocurrencies. In this post, we’ll guide you through some of the best sites to read cryptocurrency news.  

15 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites In The 2021

In this Article, We will explain you about the 15 Best Cryptocurrency News Websites that you can use in 2021

These sites are aimed to cover all the blockchain and crypto-related news that can keep the readers updated about the latest happening in the industry. The blockchain business is ever-evolving; you can expect progress at a lightning-fast pace. When it gets to cryptocurrency, there is always something new that anticipates the miners and the crypto enthusiasts. All this news needs to be covered thoroughly to provide authentic news to the world.  

Best Cryptocurrency News Websites

Either you intend to invest in blockchain technology or not, knowing regarding the recent happening in the blockchain and crypto world is always beneficial.  

There are lots of crypto sites in the market that can provide you with recent news. Nevertheless, it is essential to find the most authentic source. If you are also in research of such reliable and credible sources, here is a list of best cryptocurrency news websites that you need to take a look at:

#1 — Coinspeaker

Lastly , Coinspeaker literally speaks about everything occurring in the crypto and blockchain market. It cannot be considered as a news company per se, as it accommodates a wide range of info regarding the finance world that includes, BTC, stock market, fintech, cryptocurrency, etc.  

Coinspeaker has a unique section for news on the website to avail of all the recent information about the distributed ledger technology and crypto.

#2 — Cryptovest


An ideal platform to get all the information about the ICOs and the blockchain industry, Cryptovest is a leading news and media program that you can come across. They are essentially dedicated to top crypto news about ICOs and all the necessary information regarding it.  

The website also shares its opinion and outlook about the blockchain development that provides the readers with a new viewpoint of the crypto world. Cryptovest also offers a directory of organizations, people, and events in the distributed ledger industry.

#3 — Bitcoin.com


Abiding by its name, Bitcoin.com is particularly dedicated to the wide variety of Bitcoin news. From news to info articles, you can find it all at Bitcoin.com. The website is not just a cryptocurrency news platform; it is a complete site that covered the Bitcoin happenings, and the news is only a small section on the website.  

News about Bitcoin wallets, mining, gambling, etc., can be spotted on this site every day. The website is openly biased towards BTC. Hence, they do not add anything similar to other cryptocurrencies news unless they are the competitors.

#4 — TodayOnChain

It is a famous news website that covers all the details about blockchain and cryptocurrency. TodayOnChain receives news from different sources, so you can find an abundance of news associated with the blockchain industry here.  

TodayOnChain takes reference from websites like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, etc. TodayOnChain is further like a news aggregator that forwards the trending news of the crypto and blockchain industry.

#5 — News BTC

News BTC

It is a famous blockchain and crypto news platform that will fill you with all the new happenings in the industry. News BTC covers technical analysis, reviews, & other vital details of the crypto and blockchain community.  

You can locate a wide range of news and articles published every day on the site to provide you with insights into the industry. At News BTC, you can locate a wide range of educational materials, ICO listing, & events calendars as well.

#6 — Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine

As the name intimates, at Bitcoin Magazine, you can find everything regarding Bitcoin. It is 1 of the first publications that is exclusively dedicated to BTC news.  

The author of the magazine is also the creator of Ethereum that makes this program another top-rated news outlet. Though it was begun as a dedicated Bitcoin news website, now the site has also started to include other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Magazine majorly focuses on rate analysis, reviews, research, etc.

#7 — CryptoSlate

Aiming to provide transparent and authentic news of the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology industry, CryptoSlate is a famous cryptocurrency news websites in the industry.  

It is a Seattle based cast and media organization that was founded in 2017. Notwithstanding being a newly-established news company, CryotoSlate has claimed important recognition in the industry over the past few years. Aside from the crypto news, CryptoSlate covers a wide range of information about ICOs, crypto ranking, and events.

#8 — Bitcoinist


Despite its name associated with Bitcoin, Bitcoinist includes all the major cryptocurrencies and its news. Not just regarding the cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoinist also focuses on providing readers with all the necessary information about the blockchain industry as well.  

You can learn as many new articles as you desire, as there are many engaging articles in a day that can keep you completely posted.

#9 — Forbes

A famous magazine that has taken the digital market with a storm, Forbes is a name that is similar to media and entertainment. The magazine was started back in 2017 and took shortly the digital version as well. Forbes is a leading outlet that includes the entire news about the DLT industry.  

To take their job a level further, Forbes took an ambition to bring the line of digital news distribution for blockchain, which was called Forbes Crypto. At Forbes Crypto, you can find everything below the sun related to distributed ledger technology and crypto.

#10 — Null Tx

Earlier known by the name The Merkle, Null Tx is a dedicated news program for the latest on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.  

Aside from the news, you can find valuable educational articles that will make you study more about the industry. It was established in 2014, and since then, Null Tx has remained a prominent name in the listing of best crypto news sites. Besides crypto news, Null Tx also has a dedicated section for the financial technology sector.

#11 — CCN

CCN is a dedicated news site that provides all the recent news about all the major cryptocurrencies in the market. It is a Norway based media organization that has shot to fame for its crypto news.  

You can also locate valuable Blockchain insights on CCN, and other vital information regarding the market like ICO Calendar, cryptocurrency news, market cap, DLT events, etc. Aside from the news, you can enhance your knowledge regarding the industry with its blog section as well.

#12 — CoinTelegraph

If you are looking for dedicated news websites covering everything regarding Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can surely turn towards CoinTelegraph. It is 1 of the active and popular crypto news websites that post a number of articles and news every day.  

You can learn regarding all the recent happenings in the crypto market at CoinTelegraph. Another excellent thing about Coin Telegraph is that it is possible in different languages like English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, and many more.

#13 — Invest In Blockchain

To give the readers authentic information about blockchain and crypto, Invest in Blockchain is a credible media website. It covers a wide range of info prevailing in the crypto market, and that needs to be broadcasted for investor’s knowledge.  

Invest in Blockchain’s forte is not restricted to the latest news; they have multiple sections on the sites aligned with blogs, articles, reviews, analysis, technical tweaks, & whatnot. It is 1 of the successfully running news programs for DLT as well.

#14 — Blockonomi

Initiated back in 2017, Blockonomi was founded with a motto to cover all the features of fintech, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain economy. While it is among the most current cryptocurrency media outlets, Blocknomi has quickly made a name of itself by offering all kinds of informative data that will take you through the latest happenings in the crypto world.  

If you are a newcomer in the DLT industry, you can search for guides on the website to help you through the journey. In short, it is a one-stop destination to find everything regarding the blockchain and crypto community.

#15 — CoinDesk

1 of the leading names among the top cryptocurrency media sites dedicated to blockchain and crypto is CoinDesk. Began its publishing back in 2003, CoinDesk has been rising tremendously since then.  

Supplying the readers with authentic news on the whole cryptocurrency industry, CoinDesk has been doing a great job. Either it is to find the rise and fall in the Bitcoin Price Index or the new cryptocurrency moving its way into the industry, CoinDesk will cover everything for you.


The blockchain and crypto industry is constantly evolving, paving ways for innovations and advancements. If you invest or intend to invest in distributed ledger technology, it is essential to remain aware of the industry’s happenings.  

There is a lot of information about blockchain and crypto out there that needs to be grabbed. For this, you need to choose a reliable cryptocurrency news websites that can provide you with the most authentic news regarding the blockchain and crypto.  

The above mentioned were some of the best crypto and blockchain news websites that are highly popular in the industry for their credibility.