Is SuperSU Unroot ? Here’s 12 Best SuperSU Alternatives That You Can Use In 2021

SuperSU Alternatives

This post will explain SuperSU alternative. SuperSU is an open-source organization, and management tool which offers services for the configure of Android devices. This app’s benefit is that it provides users with a Root Permission handle on that device it is installed. The program keeps track of all apps that require rooting access and allows a rooted app’s safe functioning.  Some of the critical characteristics are Temporary unroot, Complete unroot, Wake on prompt, Superuser entrance logging and fast, and Ghost mode. It allows personalization features like changing icons and themes and offers per-app user override and logging app or configuration. The app is free, and the client can download it from its site.

The app also solves problems like boot loops and gives users the possibility to unroot their device temporarily. It comes with colour-coded commands which allow separate colours for input, output, and errors. SuperSU Alternatives has a Pin protection characteristic and runs simply in ghost mode. In this article , We will explain you about the SuperSU Application as well as its Alternative Applications which you can use to root your devices. Here’s you can check some best alternative app mention down below;

List of SuperSU alternative:

#1 Hack App Data

Hack App Data

 This is another SuperSU alternative. Hack App Data app highlights a straightforward interface with buttons to access the info, preference, database, files, and app sections from the home screen with a single tap. The settings section lets you modify the list’s order based on the first letter of the name or time of installation. 

Hack App Data app is an excellent data editor that gives users the features to edit the files saved in their mobile phone’s internal storage by a large number of third-party apps. You can survey the list of all the available apps at a glance and can type keywords on the research bar to locate the wanted app from the list.

#2 BusyBox X Pro

BusyBox X Pro

The platform allows the client to write external storage and have access to info about Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, it allows users to access the Accounts Service accounts’ list and open network sockets. It also provides access to info about other networks and offers users services in reading from external storage.

BusyBox X Pro is one of the quickest and most trusted apps that offers root service to Android devices. The platform comes with a live screen that shows the system status to the client. It comes with the most number of approved applets that are cooperative with more apps.

#3 Advanced Root Checker Pro

Advanced Root Checker Pro

The app offers various details about the entire rooting process, such as it presents a device title and model along with its operating system variant. It also involves info on all root management app along with potentially dangerous apps.

Advanced Root Checker Pro is an app that offers rooting services to Android mobile devices. One of its unique highlights is that it will run a complete check of the device to confirm the root and assures that the client’s phone is rooted or not. The app provides users with detailed info on the full check that it operated for rooting the devices.

#4 Root Checker

Root Checker

The app working is simple, i.e., the client just has to install the device, and by touching the check button, they are good to go. The program also provides details of the complete root check, which allows the users to view whether they have achieved a 100 percent root check or not.

Root Checker is an app that helps the client to check whether their device is rooted or not. The app allows the users to view if they have the Superuser privileges in their mobile devices or not, enabling them to alter the programs of their Android device.

#5 Root Checker Pro

Root Checker Pro

The app’s working is easy: users can easily install the software and press the check button to begin the root check for the device. The app and check the root status also display device information with its name and android version.

Root Checker Pro is also an excellent alternative of SuperSU that enables users to check their Android devices to confirm whether they are well rooted or not and also to confirm that they have a proper BusyBox installation or not. The app even allows the new client to check devices for root access in easy ways.

#6 BusyBox Pro

BusyBox Pro

The app provides users with the knowledge to handpick the applets which they want and also operates a safety check for the missing applets. The program offers different UNIX tools to the client for development purposes. Lastly, the app is paid and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

BusyBox Pro enables the users to have access to the system commands, which allow them to perform different actions efficiently on their devices. The program also offers users internet-free absolute protection and provides them with an ad-free experience. It is the only installer possible in the market that will fit any BusyBox binary on Android devices.  

You can use other alternative of SuperSU like BusyBox Pro. BusyBox Pro is an app that provides users with installing and uninstalling services that users cannot normally do on their android devices. The platform comprises Linux commands compressed in a single application, and the user can access all the controls through this app.

#7 Root Booster

Root Booster

The app provides a hibernation function to the platform, making the app stop by using the battery and computing power. It automatically finds those apps and hibernates them, which are not in use and are drinking the battery. Moreover, its governor feature enables the client to maintain the maximum and minimum speed of the CPU.

Root Booster is an app that enables the users to run their app more smoothly without any delays, and it also increases the battery life of the mobile device. The app applies specific settings that provide the client with speed, battery, and a stability boost for all apps.

#8 King Go Root Checker

King Go Root Checker

The app tells the users about the status of root access on their phones and notifies them about the device model and version. It also reviews Busybox status, super app status, and root status of the app. The program does not root or alter any system data but only provides important info about the root and mobile device. 

King Go Root Checker is a program that enables the users to know whether root access such as Superuser has been established on their device or not. The app allows users to perform a fast and free root check to configure the proper root access on the Android device.



The application also allows the users to uninstall built-in apps that are not deleted in a normal way. Furthermore, users can also remove the root permission facility, and everything will be done automatically, while users can also set their preferences.

SUPERUSER is an administration tool that enables users to perform privileged rooting actions on their Android devices. This app’s unique characteristic is that it allows the users to grant or deny rooting service for the app that asks for it. Users can simply enable the root privilege to the app automatically or approve every time they use it.

#10 One Click Root

One Click Root

The program also makes sure that everything is done securely and smoothly, and the data of users is not leaked at any cost. It enables users to root their devices to get the style and design of icons and themes. Users can reserve all of their data bytes by byte, and they can keep everything safe with it.

One Click Root is a program for Android users to use for the fast, secure, and easy rooting procedure. The platform helps clients boost the speed and battery and block ads in any application they are using on their cell phones. It enables users to schedule their rooting appointment, and they will be charged once the rooting is done.



One of the best advantages of this program is that users can root Android devices without impeding with the Google Play Services or any other in-built features of the device. It comes with a special name called system-less rooting software as it does all the rooting service without touching the boot partition.

MAGISK is an open-source organization and development tool that allows services to root and unroot Android devices for users. The program allows users to root their phones easily, efficiently and expertly. Along with its root feature, the program also offers many other features, such as users can easily manage root permissions for third-party apps.



KINGOROOT is another alternative of SuperSU. The working of software is easy, i.e., install the app and touch the root key. If the device is previously rooted, the app will notify the client, and within minutes, the device is rooted for additional use. Furthermore, users can un-root their devices in the likewise way that they root them. It helps the client to get rid of built-in apps called bloatware.

KINGOROOT is a program that offers users a faster and easier rooting experience for their mobile phones, especially for Android devices. The software appears in an APK file, and the client can get a rooted device within minutes.